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Course Description

This year-long sequence covers the theory of electricity and magnetism. Physics 430 is the first semester of that sequence. The topics are electrostatics, boundary value problems, magnetostatics, and electrodynamics. Prerequisites:Successful completion of undergraduate level PHYS 27200

Course Goals

  • Understand the theory of electrostatics.
  • Be able to solve boundary value problems relevant to electrostatic
  • Develop and understanding of the nature of magnetism and magnetostatics.
  • Develop the skills to solve electrodynamics problems.
  • Learning Objectives: problem solving skills electrostatics and magnetostatics. We will consider problems in vacuum and in materials.

Course Information

  • Time: TTh: 1030-1145, Spring, 2022
  • Location ARMS1201
  • Textbook: Introduction to Electrodynamics. David J. Griffiths Publisher – Pearson, New York ISBN 13: 978-0-321-85656-2
  • Course calendar,
  • Instructor and TA page,
  • Annoucements will be made on brightspace.